TILOS Consulting

Our planners have real experience in developing linear plans for many different industries.  Many of our clients have made use of our expertise to develop and maintain plans for all project stages, whether it is FEED, bid, detailed design or execution.  We can bring all the details of your project together in a single plan. 

We work effectivey with your engineering and construction teams to develop a plan that represents the challenges of your project and will help you maintain the plan during construction.  Tracking progress in a linear plan gives you the detail that is necessary to clearly represent when and where the project was completed.  This detail is not possible using traditional CPM methodology.

Your Project in a Single View

40 page Primavera Schedule represented by a single view using TILOS

Linear Projects are impacted by number of  complexities such as major crossings (water, highway, rail), environmental restrictions, permitting and land acquistions.  Representing all the challenges you face in a typical linear project are difficult in a typical CPM scheduling tools. Working with our consultants you will be able to represent your entire project in a single view.