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Mass Haulage Diagrams for embankment works in TILOS 8

Concept for Mass haulage diagrams for embankment works with TILOS 8 - written by TEKİN GÜVERCİN - the CEO and Founder of FND Future Network Development (International Global Solution Provider of TILOS).

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Mass Haul Planning

The objective of the mass haul approach is to develop an understanding of the mass balance (cut and fill quantities) of material along a project ROW (right-of-way). A mass haul plan can be developed for effective project execution based on elevation of land and quantities. This paper describes a method to monitor, plan and control soil movements on a sample road construction site using TILOS. The methodology is presented with detailed diagrams to illustrate, how the mass haul planning can be much simpler. The application of actual progress data against baseline and rescheduling results is also presented.